Smartie is a contestant.

Personality Edit

Befora EEE 4, Smartie was the opposite of what his name proposed. He was a dimwitted imbecile that had no idea what was going on, though since EEE 4, he's become more intelligent, mainly due to Moonstone judging him on relying on his randomness like Taco, Rocky, etc.

Coverage Edit

Return from the Calmart Dollar BinEdit

Since Chocolate Bar's durr's are rusty, it makes Smartie think the challenge is a singing competition. When Latte says "Mainstream" Smartie thinks it's a stream of water and goes down the stream, later dying. Smartie is chosen onto Team Are We Even on the Show.


  • Despite his low intelligence he was the only contestant to survive in EEE 2.
  • Smartie's first appearance was on last season's finale as a camera man.
  • In EEE 4 and onwards, he starts to become more and more intelligent, in response to Moonstone judging him on following the craze of random characters. (Rocky, Taco, ETC)
  • When Moonstone tried to read his mind, she exploded. This is because of being so dumb back then.
  • His current voice actor is Xanyleaves,creator of Object overload