Muffin Pose
Voiced by WebzForevz
Some attributes
First Friends: Cracker, Broomer (Minor), Chocolate Bar click
Second Enemies English Muffin, Micro (possibly), Chalky (possibly
Third Species: Muffin
Other attributes
Fourth Episode eliminated: We Ran Out of Puns
Fifth Rank: 3rd

Muffin is a contestant on Excellent Entities. She is placed on Team Punching Bag

About MuffinEdit

Muffin is a high pitched character in Excellent Entities. She is a nice, simple person. In The New Show, she had gotten out in the first round of the challenge, after throwing up.

In episode two of Excellent Entities, she was picked first on Click's team, and high fived Click. Then, she was not seen blowing bubbles on camera, but was assumed to beat up Chalky, after he threatened them to give his and Micro's wand back. 

Chocolate Bar then announces that Muffin had blown the biggest bubble and brought her team to victory, despite not being shown on screen blowing any bubbles. Also Muffin Is also friends With Cracker. but in Episode 8 she said "What Cracker is save?". Which mens thier Enimes In Episode 8   

Trivia Edit

  • She was the first picked character for a team.


  • Out of all Original Cast,she was the only female on show
    • This was changed when Moonstone  debuted, since Moonstone is a girl.
  • She was switched with Softball and now has the body of a Softball and in up in the clouds.
  • She's the reason Poison named her team, Team Time Traveling Baby Orphans.
  • When she hit Poison with a bat, it is what she did to Muffin. This is possibly because Softball is currently in Muffin's body and Posion could of done something to Softball at some point off screen.
  • in WebzForevz excellent entities secrets video stated that he was going to be best friends with english muffin,however this was scrapped,and they become enemies,