Micro Pose
Voiced By :webzforevz episodes 1-2 Mega Amazing episodes 3-8 died in episode 8
Some attributes
First Friends: Chalky, Clay ,Click,Latte
Second Enemies: English Muffin, Cracker (Possibly), Muffin (Possibly), Broomer possibly
Third Species: Microphone
Other attributes
Fourth Episode Eliminated: How Could This Happen to *explosion*
Fifth Rank: 5th
Sixth Nickname(s): Meanie... I mean Micro! (Moonstone (Hopefully))

Micro is a contestant on Excellent Entities.

About MicroEdit

Micro is friends with Chalky and is a very derpy character. He is a very big fan of pizza.


In episode 1, Micro got out in the first part of the challenge, by throwing up when facing Click. He is shown being sad when Chocolate Bar is talking about which characters have been eliminated from the challenge

In episode 2, he is shown next to Nail, and when Nail blows a bubble, he throws a rock at it and pops it. Afterwards, he is shown standing without his bubble wand in the middle of no where, when Chalky comes up and tells him someone has stolen everyone's wands, and Micro agrees they have stolen everyone's wands and they stole his too, and when they confront the other team, they are shown in another spot beaten up.

In episode 3, Micro is shown at the elimination, and is scared, because he is up for elimination, he got no votes though, so we was therefore safe.

5 3

Episode Votes
3 0
4 Immune
5 3
6 Immune
7 23
8 Left


  • He is the 3rd tallest contestant
  • He is the derp character on the show
  • He is voiced by MegaAnimazing
  • He is the first character to change from WebzForevz voicing to another voice actor.
  • He is the only character with their own running gag, which for him is saying pizza.
  • Micro is the only (excluding Clay) is the only contestnt who shares name and not match with his species,as he is a Microphone,but is named Micro,pepole could mistaken him as a nickname

Gallery Edit

Micro angry

Micro Angry