"MLG Pro!"

-Headset's catchphrase

Headset is a stereotypical gamer but also with a side yet to be seen, he is actually a softie and a Brony at heart.


Episode 1 - Headset was not introduced by Chocolate Bar finding him, but he instead was first seen talking to Tub of Lard who seemed to lie with everything he said. Headset tried to push him into a hole, but he failed. He then went to Latte who was too mainstream for anything, he then went on bragging about how MLG Pro he was (however, he then fell down a hole), and was seen 'hacking' when he flew out of the hole in an event called fly hacking. He also seems to have heat rays and fired a laser at Mango from his eyes. He started calling himself MLG Pro again, insulting TOL for his inability to dodge TNT, but a TNT was thrown at him as well, as he then lagged out and blew up, and a sign saying "Headset.exe has stopped working" appeared in front of where he was before. He was upon the last few to be chosen onto a team, and he ended up on Moonstone's team, Are We Even On The Show


  • In the first two episodes, he was voiced by AsaphDaKing (Asaph Ellison), then he was voiced by Danimator for the next 6 episodes
  • He was one of three main cast members to be based off of someone from the two creators real life
  • He was based off of a COD player Mango and Webz knew who's funny and quite the rager
  • Gumball Machine was based off of one of the two creators best friend, who empasized with everyone and was extremely nice
  • Poison was based off of Webz and Mango's friend who was kind of dark and mysterious, but still a strong girl
  • He is currently only one of three AWEOTS to be eliminated, the others being Moonstone and Smartie.
  • His catch phrase is "MLG Pro" and he uses it quite often in reference to other COD players who use the same phrase.
  • In Season 2 Episode 2, he was revealed to be a brony, and in episode 5, he is shown to be very sensitive.
  • It has been confirmed by WebzForevz he is transgender.
  • He's the first armless contestant to be eliminated revealed in EEE 8.