Gummy bear is a recommended character on excellent entities. And He Even Licked Diary's Kool-Aid Blood And Took A Lung From Her.

Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear Vector
voiced by webzforevz
Some attributes
First Friends: Broomer (possibly), Ninja Star (possibly)
Second Enemies: Chocolate Bar, Diary
Third Species: Gummy Bear
Other attributes
Fourth Episode Eliminated: ( Not a Contestant)
Fifth Rank: ( Not a Contestant)

About GummybearEdit

Gummy bear is the first recommended character to exist on excellent entities so far, she made a apearance on episodes 2, 5, 6 part 1, 7,8, and 9


Gummy Bear was first seen in episode 2 talking to Broomer after he popped his huge bubble.

She soon made an apearence on episode 5 telling Chocolate Bar that she'll take micro's place since he was dead then said she was the first recommended character. But Chocolate Bar said no, so she couldn't do it. After that she complained when someone sang "how could this happen to me", That is when Gummy Bear announced she hated that song.

She was a judge in episode 6 along with fish tank. She gave positive feedback to all of the recommended charactors.

In Episode 7, after Chocoalte Bar saw that they did not catch Microphone on camera, he said he would have to fire an intern for that. Gummy Bear is then seen standing and looking at Chocolate Bar. Chocolate Bar says she is not an intern, and Gummy Bear states that she wants to be one. Chocolate Bar says no.

In Episode 8 it was Muffin's task to kill Gummy Bear. Muffin does not complete the task because Gummy Bear self-destructs, and kills herself. After that you see her standing next to other dead contestants such as Micro and Nail.

In episode 9 you first hear Gummy Bea fight eith chocolate bar then get killed again, then she comes back to life an participates in the challenge, which was not realy the challenge.


  • He is the first recommended character.
  • His design changed in episode 5.
  • Hates "How could this happen to me."
  • Was almost officially joining Excellent Entities but was scrapped to make room for Mango and Moonstone.