This is the page where the episodes of the entire series of Excellent Entities are.

Series OverviewEdit

The series began on March 25th, 2013 with "The New Show!" and ended the first season on September 11th, 2014. The series continues with the second season E.E.E., released in November 26th, 2014.

Season # Name Episodes Premiere Date Finale Date
1 Excellent Entities 11 March 25, 2013 September 11th, 2014
2 Extraordinarily Excellent Entities 4 November 26th, 2014 TBA

List of episodesEdit

Excellent Entities (2013-2014)Edit

# Title Original Air Date Contestant Elim. Place
1 The New Show! March 25th, 2013 N/A
2 Bubble Blowing April 14th, 2013 N/A
3 The Evil Woods Of Doom June 24th, 2013 Broomer 10th
4 Mega Pizza Pig Off! July 9th, 2013 Nail 9th
5 Voice Cracked August 8th, 2013 English Muffin 8th
6-1 Debut Day October 13th, 2013 Click 7th
6-2 Coconut Chaos December 5th, 2013 N/A
7 Obstacle Overload December 11th, 2013 Chalky 6th
8 How Could This Happen To *Explosion* January 10th, 2014 Micro 5th
9 Children of the Horn March 7th, 2014 Moonstone 4th
10 Reunion of the Decade May 3rd, 2014 Cracker 3rd
11-1 The Slow and the Curious July 1st, 2014 N/A
11-2 We Ran Out of Puns September 11th, 2014 Muffin 3rd
Mango 2nd
Cracker (due to Mango's disqualified) 1st

Extraordinarily Excellent Entities (2014-present)Edit

# Title Original Air Date Contestant Elim. Place
1 Return from the Calmart Dollar Bin November 26th, 2014 N/A
2 (None of Us Went to) Elementary My Dear Watson January 12th, 2015 N/A
3 In Space No One Can Hear You Ice Cream April 8th, 2015 Mango 15th
4 EEE = mc^2 May 31st, 2015 Poison 14th