Excellent Entities Episode 9 Children of the Horn

Excellent Entities Episode 9 Children of the Horn

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The beginning of the episode shows a funeral for Micro that everyone attends. Chalky starts crying, and starts arguing with other contestants, because they don't care about Micro dying. Moonstone reveals that no one actually does, after reading everyone's mind. Cracker calls the funeral dumb, and goes to talk to Mango. Mango is on ObjectBook, and researched Cracker. Cracker ended up having no friends, and decided to take selfies to try to boost his friends. Mango then checks his Instalame, and realizes Fishtank called him fat. Cracker takes selfies, and Moonstone and Muffin don't really care. 

At the elimination, Cracker is safe with the least amount of votes. Muffin is safe with the second most amount of votes, and Moonstone gets the boot

After the elimination, Muffin says she wanted to know what Chocolate Bar's secret was. Then, Mango says Moonstone was trying to kill them, even though he took out Unicorn Horn's plan. Unicorn Horn then shows up, and kills Chocolate Bar. Then, he explains the challenge is to run from him. Whoever lasts the longest wins. Mango is found first, and then beat up and put into a cage by Unicorn Horn. Cracker eats a blue berry bush, upsetting Muffin, and causes her to walk away. She then gets put into a cage by Unicorn Horn. Cracker wins, but Muffin uses her wish from the Genie Lamp she found, to wish Cracker and Mango up for elimination. 

After the challenge, Mango and Badge have a hashtag off, and Mango wins.

Elimination TableEdit

Contestants Votes





49 (Eliminated)


  • This episode contains the first title to reference a movie. It refernced 'Children of the Corn' a 1980's movie
  • This is the first episode the head animator WebzForevz used Flash.
  • This is the first time two episodes were released in a row that were more than ten minutes long.


  • Lots of disinbodied voices
  • In the elimination, the fingers moved around due to an animation error
  • Unicorn Horn is scene talking with a needle near him in the air after the elimination.