Excellent Entities otherwise known as EE, first premiered on March 25th 2013 on the YouTube account WebzForez. There are a total of 11 episodes in the 1st season.


This season involves 8 (Later 10) competing for 1 Million Dollars, each episode (Except the 1st and last one) has the viewers vote someone out untill the final 2.

In Episode 2, the 8 contestannts split into 2 teams, Team Volume and Team Punching Bag, The 2 teams competed in contests with the losing team being put up for elimination, The viewers then got to decide who they wanted to be eliminated between, with the contestant having the most votes being eliminated, and sent to the ECP (and later the BOG).

In Episode 7, the teams dissolved, and the contestants competed as individuals.

In Episode 3, Broomer was a last male eliminated contestant remaining.


See Also: Elimination Table
Participant Team Status Placing Merged/Non-Merged
Broomer Volume 1st Eliminated in The Arena of Death 10th Place Non-Merged
Nail Punching Bag 2nd Eliminated in Mega Pizza Pig Off! 9th Place
English Muffin Volume 3rd Eliminated in Voice Cracked 8th Place
Click Punching Bag 4th Eliminated in Debut Day 7th Place
Chalky Volume 5th Eliminated in Obstacle Overload 6th Place
Micro Volume 6th Eliminated in How Could This Happen to *explosion* 5th Place Merged


Volume 7th Eliminated in Children of the Horn 4th Place


Punching Bag

Returns in We Ran Out of Puns

8th Eliminated in Reunion of the Decade


Punching Pag 9th Eliminated in We Ran Out of Puns 3rd Place
Mango Punching Bag Runner Up in We Ran Out of Puns 2nd Place
Cracker Punching Bag

Winner in We Ran Out of Puns

1st Place


Excellent Entities will be the forth object show to get a second season, the first was Battle for Dream Island with Battle for Dream Island Again, the second was Inanimate Insanity with Inanimate Insanity II, and the third was Object Universe with Object Twoniverse.