This article focusses on the interactions of everyone and Broomer.

Chalky Edit

Even though they were on the same team. But they didn't really interact much.

Status: Unknown

Click Edit

Not seen interacting much due to being on the opposite team.

Status: Unknown

Cracker Edit

Cracker along with Muffin had stolen Broomer and the rest of his teams bubble wands. Other then that they havent interacted much.

Status: Minor enemies

English Muffin Edit

English Muffin made a horrible bet with Broomer . They were also argueing on who will be eliminated

Status: Enemies

Micro Edit

They first interacted in episode 2 when Broomer picked him first in the team picking. Then in episode 3 when he lost English Muffins horrible bet Micro said What Broomer did was disgusting

Status: Neutral

Muffin Edit

Muffin and Broomer have only interacted in the beginning of episode1. In episode 2 she and Cracker stole his and the rest of his teams bubble wands and his team was up for elimination.They havent interacted after that much because of being on oppisite teams and Broomers early elimination.

Status: Minor friends

Nail Edit

Nail was the first person to interact with Broomer but not in a good way in Episode 1 when Broomer was making fun of Nail . He also knocked Broomer down when he was eliminated.

Status: Enemies