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The Bubble Blowing Baby Challenge Bubble Wands

The EpisodeEdit

This is the second episode of Excellent Entities, it being the first episode with a real challenge and resulting in next episode having an elimination.

What HappenedEdit

In this episode of Excellent Entities, two players, Broomer and Click, picked teams. Click picked Muffin, Cracker, and Nail, those contestants being the smallest players. Broomer picked English Muffin, Micro, and Chalky. English Muffin got angry when picked last. 

The challenge was explained to be a bubble blowing challenge in which the contestants had to blow bubbles to win, and who ever blew the biggest bubble won the challenge.

In this episode, Cracker and Muffin formed an alliance, and both decided that Click was the weakest player on the team, dispite Nail being the smallest.

Muffin came up with an idea to steal the opposing team's bubble wands, and Cracker helped too. While they were stealing the bubbles wands, Broomer stole Chocolate Bar's giant bubble wand, and blew a giant bubble that carried him up into the air.

Chalky and Micro confronted Muffin and Cracker, who supposedly beat them up off camera, because they were found on the ground, 3 minutes later beaten up.

When announced who won, Chocolate Bar said Muffin won, but Broomer said he blew the biggest bubble. Chocolate Bar then explained that he knew that Broomer took his bubble wand so he was disqualified, and his team was up for elimination. 


  •  When Micro's wand is stolen, his leg isn't connected to his body.
  •  When Broomer is lifted up into the air in the bubble, his limbs move around weirdly.
  •  Chocolate Bar says Muffin wins the challenge, but in the episode, Muffin is never seen blowing bubbles. The creator, Ireland, said that it was supposed to be a scene in the actual episode, but the idea was scrapped.