Diary is a character that likes to know everything. She's not the classic know-it-all, not a brainiac, she's just a gossiper and needs to know all of your secrets.


Episode 1 - Chocolate Bar finds her in a field when she takes Moonstone's Diary, now becoming the second character to know Chocolate Bar's secret. She showed up talking to Feather in the maze during the challenge. She is skeptical when Feather said she had hair, which she definitely doesn't. Then, when she is revived for Team Heathers she is found to be a Grahamlin and not herself.


  • Hvataj-2
    She likes to know peoples secrets just like how people write their secrets in diaries. 
  • She is the second person to know Chocolate bar's secret
    • The first was Moonstone.
  • The reason why she looked like a Grahamlin in the last part of Episode 1 was because the files of Diary and a Grahamlin were mixed up, causing her to look like that in the final product.
  • Diary is the first contestant to show Blood,when she was killed by knife by herself
  • Diary is afraid of trash cans, as revealed in Episode 2 of Extraordinarily Excellent Entities.