Clay is a sly, cynical, and cunning character. He's smart and easily figures things out, but doesn't talk much. 


Episode 1 - He only shows up twice in the episode with a total of two lines, first he kills Feather and Diary with Grahamlins and then he gets kicked by Poison like a soccerball and into a Grahamlins mouth. He is then seen being recovered and is placed on Poison's team.

Episode 2- Clay first appears at the smoothie shack, questioning Chocolate Bar for planning the challenge in time during the murderer's appearance. However, when the challenge begins, he just takes a selfie while hiding in a tree. Clay is the last person alive on his team, as he was stabbed by the killer depsite transforming into him. Although his team lost, he was given immunity. After the credits, he is seen playing cards with the murderer.

Clay Vector

Episode 3- At the start of the episode when Mango refuses Poison's offer to hang out with her, he consoles her, although she claims that she doesn't know who he is and what he does, so he transforms into her and does a mock impression of her. He doesn't do much until after the elimination, in which during the challenge, he questions Poison's idea of "a new Mango". However, she soon changes her mind, further confusing Clay. The remaining Time Traveling Baby Orphans are soon found and beaten up by a Grahamlin. Clay was clicking by Poison like the cloccoerball and into the Grahamlin's MOUTH!!!!!!

Friends : Nail Latte Broomer Chalky Moonstone

Abilites : Growth Shapeshift


  • He is the first character on EE to have no limbs.
  • He received less lines that episode than Muffin did, despite being a real contestant that season.
  • He is the only contestant who can transform. Clay looks like a BLOB like Koga from InuYasha