Chocalate Bar
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Voiced By WebzForevez
Some attributes
First Friends: Muffin(possibly)
Second Enemies: Broomer, nail
Third Species: Chocalate Bar
Other attributes

Who Is Chocalate barEdit

Chocalate Bar is the host for Excellent enitites .


in 1-2 episodes he is cyan and but until episode 3 he has written "WForevz"and he is Navy/blue

About Chocalate BarEdit

In episode 1 Muffin asked if he could be the host he said sure and announced the challenge

In episode 2 he said the challenge was a bubble blowing baby challaenge. He was shown later with his giant bubble wand which he put down because it was to heavy . He Declared that Muffin blew The biggest bubble . Then he dissquallifyed Broomers team since Broomer stole his bubble wand.

In Episode 3 he h was grosed out from what broomer did on the elimination zone . Then declared Clicks Team Up for Elimination

On Episode 4 he made a pizza eating challenge And gave the contestents only one glass of water. then he dissquallifyed Broomers team since English Muffin barfed Also,Chocalate Bar sang his first Son In Episode 7 Of the Second Season Chow Down