Chalky is a timid and somewhat smart character. He was eliminated late in the game placing 6th in season one. He seems to be somewhat a fan favorite, and is in a band along with Clay and Broomer in season two as a singer.

Chalky Vector
Voiced By WebzForevz
Some attributes
First Friends: Micro, Tub of Lard (Possibly) Broomer Clay Latte Head Set
Second Enemies: English Muffin, Cracker(possibly, Muffin(possibly)
Third Species: Chalk stick
Other attributes
Fourth Episode Eliminated: Obstacle Overload (33 votes)
Fifth Rank: (S1) 6th, (S2) TBA
Sixth lava champioen

Who is ChalkyEdit

Chalky is a character in Excellent Entities, he has a huge obsession of killing bunnies.Friends : Tub Of Lard Broomer Clay Latte. Chalky is a boy/male/dude/he/him/mister.  

Coverage Edit

In Episode 2 he told Micro that the other team stole there bubble wands and then the confronted Muffin and Cracker about stealing the bubble wands. Then his team was up for elimination.

On Episode 3 He was The first and only member of his team to leave the forest. Before that he was argueing with English Muffin.

Episode 4 all he did was stuff pizza in English Muffins Mouth.


  • In WebzForevz Excellent Enitities Secrets it said he originally had no arms and was going to be a team leader.
  • He seems to have a bunch of lookalikes, as there were over 9 Zombie-Chalkies in the finale.
  • Chalky is  a fast writer.
  • Chalky is also in a band called "The Broomer Boys" with Broomer and Clay.
  • Chalky was supposed to be on team Time traveling baby orphans,but due to recover Malfuctioning a bit,Nail was chosen instead of him.
  • Chalky is a female contestant in Sensation of the City.
  • If Tub of Lard is eliminated in episode 12, he will automaticlly be the highest ranking contestant on Team Are We Even on the Show.