Broomer is a contestant on Excellent Entities and Extraordinarily Excellent Entities. He is also the biggest character on the show. In season 1, he was a team captain and in season 2, he was placed on team Heather before switching to Time Traveling Baby Orphans in EEE 9.

Personality Edit

Broomer is a big and tough dude who likes to get passive aggresive towards other people to show how manly he is. But in reality, he can be annoyed very much from English Muffin Broomer also proved that he can be unlucky during Episode 3 of Excellent Entities The Evil Woods of Doom

During Extraordinaily Excellent Entities, he was a lot softer than before. He had an alliance with Feather which soon fell apart. In EEE = mc^2, he made a boy band with Chalky (his possible love interest) and Clay. In originality, Broomer was going to be eliminated in Chao Down but was saved after Gummy Bear took over as co-host. Also Broomer gets very passive aggressive when his person life is thrown in the light. He "came out" during one of his songs hinting he was gay.

Appearance Edit

Broomer is a tall bright brown broom with yellow hay brushes at the top.

(Season 1 Info)

Friends : Cracker English Muffin Feather Clay Latte Chalky Nail Smartie SharkBearBerry

Enemies : Nail English Muffin Click Cracker Muffin

Episode Votes
3 First 15 Votes (Eliminated)
Episode Votes
3 16
5 22 (received second least amount)
Broomer EEE 11